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With 2014 World Cup under way in Brazil, when Messi and CristianoRonaldo are running at full speed on the football court, there are still manychildren chasing each other in the mud in poor mountainous areas of China. Inorder to help these poor school children, and create a good learning and livingenvironment for them, Anzheng Fashion Group “Dream Plan” green dream season wasformally launched on June 20.

Build a playground for school childrenin the poor mountainous area to realize a green dream for them. During June 20 - July 14, Anzheng Fashion Group launches Green Dream onlineactivity through official Wechat of its brands to donate schoolbags and build aplayground for children of Poer Primary School in Weiyuan Town, Gansu in thename of participant; meanwhile, Anzheng Fashion Group will publicly recruitgreen dream ambassadors in the society. Signing up through stores or microblogmay get the opportunity to send warmth to the school children in mountainousarea in Gansu as an ambassador of love.

Founded in 2011, Anzheng Fashion GroupCharity Foundation adheres to the purpose of
supporting the poor and helping the disabled, settling the agedand supporting children, financially aiding students, and caring peoples livelihood, devotes itself to deep integration of fashion industry and philanthropy,and creates the public welfare mode of setting the fashion trend, creating a happy life through dissemination advantage of fashion industry topromote brand-new construction of traditional public welfare. Anzheng CharityFoundation has implemented over 40 donation and aid projects of all sizes,which are well received in all sectors of society and win many charity awards.

There is no standard that can detecttemperature of love or measure the force of almsdeed, but Anzheng Fashion Groupbelieves that sunshine can drive away cold, and public welfare can bring hope.We are not along in transmission of love. We look forward to your participationin the charity dream plan of Anzheng Fashion Group to realize the pleasantgreen dream with us for the future of children.