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Zhejiang Anzheng Charity Foundation, founded on September 2nd 2011, sponsored by Anzheng Fashion Group and approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhejiang Province, is the first non-public foundation in Jiaxing region of Zhejiang Province and the first non-public public welfare foundation established by an apparel enterprise in Haining. Adhering to the purpose of “helping the poor and the disabled, helping the old and the young, helping students and alleviating poverty, and taking care of people’s livelihood”, Anzheng works on the integration of fashion industry and public welfare and philanthropy and aims at facilitating the development of a new ecology for traditional public welfare cause.

Ever since its establishment, this foundation has made over 80 donations and salvations. Its donations and assistances involves helping students, visiting the old, helping the severely impoverished people due to disability or serious illness, and helping impoverished mothers to start business, and so on. Its total bailout money amounts to 3,462,641.9 Yuan. Through various donating and alleviating activities, the foundation delivered its warm care to the aid recipients, alleviated them from financial difficulties, and helped their to gain confidence in and make up resolution to overcome various difficulties, which has earned the foundation great acclaims from all walks in the society, local government, and self-organized institutions. For all the philanthropic activities, the foundation has also been awarded with “Jiaxing Charity Award”.