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    商务男士所取得的成功一部分仰赖于服装的选择:从时髦驼色夹克的单个纽扣到为熠熠闪耀的夜晚准备的lam无尾晚礼服。8月31日晚,ANZHENG安正男装秋冬发布为你现场演绎商务男士如何穿出自己的影响力。经典裤装、双排西装、休闲夹克、帅气风衣、精致扣饰……商务男士的时尚风格在不同单品的组合搭配中得到完美体现:线条紧贴身体曲线,肩部设计自然服帖,完全体现商务风格与时尚精髓。虽然是以稳重的黑灰色系作为主打,但是酒红色、姜饼黄、蓝云杉色 、草绿色 、墨蓝色的运用都表现的独一无二,让冬装里有了别样的生机。为了展现面料的最佳完整效果,在处理上还采用了单色提花工艺和特殊分割的方法。经过特殊处理的面料时尚而不会过于另类。将不同面料、不同花色的服饰呈现出的精心搭配也值得品味。

The success of businessmen may be partly attributed to their clothing selection, including every single button of the popular camel jacket and the lam tuxedo prepared for glimmering night events. In the evening on August 31st, the fall-winter collection of ANZHENG men’s wear will illustrate how men should dress themselves to optimally present themselves at the scene. Classical pants, double-breasted suit, casual jacket, groovy wind coat, delicate buttons…… The fashionable style of businessmen is perfectly shown within the combination of single items: lines tightly against body curve and natural and smooth shoulder design fully illustrates commercial style and essence of fashion. Although dominated by black and grey, the wine red color, gingerbread yellow, spruce blue, grass green, and dark blue colors are also uniquely used to provide the winter clothes with exceptional vitality. In order to fully display the best effect of the fabrics, monochrome jacquard and special cutting techniques have been adopted as well for the fabric treatment. Fabrics, after special treatment, wouldn’t look too weird or out of character. Clothings, carefully matched from different fabrics and varied patterns, are exceptionally appealing and pleasing as well.