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Continuing the usual taste and quality of ANZHENG men’s wear, the design of ANZHENG men’s wear store has inherited the classical Chinese style of ANZHENG men’s wear and used smooth lines, elegant and careful layout, and classical color arrangement. Therefore, in general, it has created a delicate high-grade shopping environment. It has been reported that ANZHENG men’s wear Zhuozhan store in Changchun is a new store in additional to the former Zhuozhan store in Shenyang.

Anzheng men’s wear, aiming at creating the number one high-grade men’s “business fashion” brand, will successively open men’s wear store in Changchun, Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities in 2012. The successful landing of Anzheng men’s wear Zhuozhan store in Changchun will enable Anzheng to provide more fashionable and professional clothing for the vast number of businessmen.