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Clothing is a script for a woman to compose her legendary life. If you understand how to compose this book, you can be Bohemia, or Marilyn Monroe, or Zarathustra.

Clothing is a script for a woman to record her countless achievements and mistakes. Clothing is a poem about the body, attached to the soul but with different language context.

Clothing is a way for a woman to express herself appropriately. Independent and intellectual women love fashion and prefer to select clothes with outstanding design concept and quality in order to fully discover their unique personality and make them main actors at all circumstances.

Clothing is the best expression of a woman’s taste and attitude. It is not about pleasing someone but more about an attitude to pursue good life.

In the fall and winter 2012, IMM invited independent and intellectual women to shot for the new winter image of IMM. Whether they were artists, photographers, or columnist…IMM will dress them up according to their unique characteristic and present a wonderful conversation between IMM garment and modern independent women.

IMM lady wear announces to the world with its unique attitude about fashion: the fashion law for independent and intellectual women is to match your dressing style with your task on hand and bring your heart and soul to a higher fashion realm.