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玖姿品牌VI 全面升级

     2012年秋冬,玖姿品牌携手奥美时尚对玖姿品牌进行重新定位:“自信、优雅、女人味”,伴随品牌的转型,玖姿也正式启动了品牌VI升级的进程,希望通过对品牌视觉系统的全面升级 ,更清晰的表达玖姿品牌的品牌理念。




In the fall and winter 2012, JZ, together with Ogilvy & Mather, repositions JZ brand as “confidence, elegance, and feminine charm”. With the brand transformation, JZ also started brand VI upgrading, hoping to fully upgrade the visual system of the brand and more clearly display the brand concept of JZ brand.

JZ, a brand-new log of Jiuzi brand, got its name from the initials of JIUZI brand. Complemented by concise and delicate font and more concise and legible logi, JZ presented a brand-new look and more concise image. The seemingly square but dynamic font also corresponded to the feminine charm and curvy lines of women.

The formerly complex sign and picture of JIUZI made it hard for us to associate JZ with JIUZI brand. After completing the upgrading, the new logo was concise, generous, and identifiable, particularly when it is shown in space design. On the other hand, JZ new image upgraded its application, which is shown in the material used for the promotion of JZ image. The new image application clearly identified materials for advertising display and materials for terminal promotions so that promotional materials could be closely linked to the overall brand image. Currently, JZ new logo has been put in use and will next be incorporated into the forthcoming image design.

The overall upgrading of JZ VI and terminal image allowed JZ to appear with a more uniform image in front of consumers and also revealed JZ’s determination to fully transform the brand. This was an image upgrading and a great leap of JZ brand and a symbol for JZ brand to open a its brand marketing era.