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    什么是“盛装”?是20岁时,你初进社会踏入职场的第一双高跟鞋;是30岁时,你成功晋升庆功宴上的一款高级定制礼服;是40岁时,你和三五知己夕阳下畅谈搭在身上的羊毛披肩……20S、30S 、40S,不同年龄段的女人,对盛装的理解不同,但毫无疑问,她们都有着属于自己的时尚敏锐触觉。2012年秋冬,玖姿携手奥美时尚打造全新视觉形象,为我们展现最精致时尚的玖姿2012秋冬系列,呈现女人在20S、30S 、40S不同年龄段的精致生活,诠释一个女人的“盛装人生”。

What on earth is “attire”? Was it the first high-healed shoes when you started working at 20? Was it the supremely customized costume you wore on the promotion celebrating banquet at 30? Or was it the wool cape you wore on your shoulder, enjoying a light conversation with your friends under the sunset at 40?......Women, at 20s, 30s, and 40s, usually have different understanding about attire. But what is for sure is that women have an acute sense about their own fashion style. In the fall and winter in 2012, JZ, together with Ogilvy & Mather, will create a brand new visual image, reveal the most exquisite and delicate 2012 fall-winter series of clothing, present the original life of women at 20s, 30s, and 40s, and explain a women’s “attire” history.