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On October 26th 2012, the news conference for Anzheng Fashion Group’s JZ and AZ Anzheng fashion show was held as scheduled at Beijing Hotel. The two doors facing each other refer to unity of opposites. The selection of white and black colors will integrate colors for men and women in order to create a kind of ultra modern layout and a style compatible to eastern cultures and temperament.

In the conference, eliminating the image of mature women, JZ introduced a brand-new “confident, elegant, and feminine” image with high profile. With its unique cutting, JZ highlights the perfect curve of oriental women, provides women with elegance and confidence, and tells the whole world that JZ is changing and fully upgrading.

AZ Anzheng men’s wear, incorporating profound Chinese culture and western art, is a series of high-grade men’s wear for senior business people. The 2013 spring-summer clothing design was inspired by “Ding”, an ancient cooking vessel. The exceedingly powerful colors displayed on the stage also originated from the color changes in “Ding”. The creation of AZ Anzheng men’s wear becomes a powerful force to lead in the high-grade men’s clothing market.