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东方时尚:中国新绅士 AZ安正上海茂名路店盛大启幕

     无可比拟的购物休闲空间,商界明流的最佳聚集场所,业界时尚媒体的镜头焦点;展现AZ安正“鼎”级格调的魅力,打造业界商务人士的时尚新风标; AZ安正上海茂名路店,积蓄一季的智慧,在这个富有东方时尚色彩的国度,开辟一条中国绅士之道。




Unparalleled shopping space, the best gathering place for business celebrities, the focus of all fashion media in the industry; displaying the “supreme” charm of AZ Anzheng style, a new fashion benchmark for business people; AZ Anzheng Maoming Road Store in Shanghai, accumulating the wisdom from the season, is opening a road to creating Chinese gentlemen in this remarkable oriental country.

Shanghai Maoming Road is known for its high-grade fashion wear customization, top-quality hotels, and prestigious art galleries. AZ Anzheng flagship store is located at No.59 Maoming Road. On the opening day, guests appeared in their most grand costumes. In spite of the cold weather, the site was wonderfully brilliant. Super model Zhang Liang attended with AZ Anzheng high-level dress, while celebrity Chen Xiukan and famous anchorwoman Zhu Chidan attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony as honorary guests.

Inheriting Anzheng’s store design style of conciseness, preciseness and luxury, AZ Anzheng Maoming Road Store, based on the vintage and Chinese style, is dominated by vertical and simple lines in depicting men’s calmness and solemnity. Store designers, through exploring into Chinese traditional art cultures and using various vintage elements including hollow screen and classical jacquard carpet, endows the AZ Anzheng Maoming Road flagship store with enriched combination of Chinese and Western cultures.

“password to the fashion of businessmen”. In addition, fashion celebrity Chen Xiukan created fashion-forward modeling for VIP guests and explained how men should dress themselves and optimally present themselves at the scene.