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为商务人士披上时尚外衣的高端男装品牌─AZ 安正,2013春夏品牌形象广告散发出全新的时代气息,象征着现代高级商务人士们正在告别过去的传统形象,告别缺乏时尚搭配与设计细节的想象,取而代之的是精致、摩登、都会的新男装美学。


AZ 安正男装在2013春夏品牌广告中,细腻脱俗的时尚影像,讲究细节的质感表现;重视搭配的美学风格,與弥漫国际感的商务形象,以演绎现代感的商务时尚观点,鼓吹一种高级男装文化的品牌态度,将会是引领下一波高级商务人士的时尚新思潮。

AZ Anzheng, a high-grade men’s wear brand, dons business people with fashion garment. The 2013 spring-summer brand image advertisement, sending off a brand-new feeling, shows that senior business people are bidding farewell to their conventional image, saying good to their dull imaginations that have lacked fashion matches and design arts with the replacement of new, exquisite, modern, and urban men’s aesthetics.

Today, when the “fashion competition” among high-grade men is becoming increasingly intense, learning to dress up and cultivate one’s fashion potentials will be a key to manage personal image and maximize personal influence.

The highly refined and refreshing fashion image of AZ Anzheng men’s wear in 2013 spring-summer branding advertisement focuses on the manifestation of details. Its aesthetic style that stresses matches, commercial image full of international feeling, commercial fashion view that emphasizes modern elements, and the brand attitudes that advocate high-end men’s dressing culture will become a new fashion trend for next generation of senior business people.