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Yolanda vomHagen 艺术摄影师


刘潇 彩妆师


官纯 插画艺术家


Yolanda vomHagen: Fine Art Photographer

This is a German that can speak, understand, and write Chinese, an Western artist that observes oriental art with his camera, previously a professional model captured by thousands of camera lenses and now a modern photographer that controls the camera. A combination of object for fashion and a subject for creation, she plays a fine role playing game.

Liu Xiao: Make-up expert

“Fashion is the addition of small trend and large personal style. It is no about blind follow-up but about improving one’s own aesthetic value, understanding oneself, and locating your own most suitable style. It is to some extent a definition about fashion, but to a larger extent, it is about the make-up that shapes your brain and ideas.”

Guan Chun: Illustrator

Garment is a kind of 3D canvas and canvas is a kind of 2D clothing. Both of them about theme manifestation, color with one’s personal style, and certain emotions that are hard to be captured by words. Paintbrush is like the stitches. Pigment is like the color of flowers. An artwork that can be worn shows slices of like of certain people at certain period.