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绘彩未来安正慈善基金会“筑梦计划” ——安正时尚集团走进甘肃省渭源县坡儿小学





Paint a colorful future with bright colors, and provide children with wings to fly towards their dreams. Currently, in order to help more impoverished children and provide them with a better educational environment, Anzheng Fashion Group made a trip to Gansu and signed donation agreement with Po’er Primary School in Weiyuan County and brought study supplies, purchased with the donation from all Anzheng employees, for children there. Anzheng Fashion Group’s trip to Po’er Primary School in Weiyuan County, Gansu Province, symbolized the official launch of the “Dream Project” of Anzheng Charity Foundation.

Anzheng Charity Foundation, established on September 2nd 2011, is the first non-public foundation in Jiaxing area of Zhejiang Province and aims at helping the needy groups in the society. Ever since its establishment, it has donated millions for the poor students, poor families, and poor schools. The trip to Po’er Primary School made by Anzheng Charity Foundation’s “Dream Project” aimed at improving children’s educational environment, helping them to renovate endangered classrooms, providing them with multi-media educational facilities, and replacing the damaged desks and chairs so that they may complete their study in a safer environment.

Our charity ambassadors brought school supplies tied with red ribbons and filled with best wishes from all Anzheng employees. Holding their school supplies, children’s faces were beaming with smile. The most touching moment of that day occurred when children were painting together with our charity ambassadors. Poverty hasn’t blocked children from loving life. They painted their own future with the color pens. Sunshine, naivety, positivity, and progress were what we could tell from children’s paintings.

After completing the visit in the school, Anzheng charity ambassadors, led by the teachers in the school, paid visits to the homes of the most impoverished children and offered their love and care for the family. However small our love and care was as they might not be able to bring earth-shaking changes to the family, we hoped that the paint brush made from “love” can enable those children to paint a more colorful future and enable children to develop and grow with love.