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The 6th Council of China National Garment Association was held in Beijing on October 16th 2013. In the meeting China National Garment Association reelected responsible people for the 6th general board of directors and the board of directors. Mr. Zheng Anzheng, President of Anzheng Fashion Group, and many other outstanding and influential enterprises, stood out in the meeting and was elected the Vice-president of the 6th Council of China National Garment Association.

Anzheng Fashion Group President Zheng Anzheng’s election was closely related to the rapid and outstanding development of Anzheng Fashion Group in the past few years. From 2010 to 2012, for three consecutive years, Anzheng Fashion Group has been awarded with the title of “Top 100 Enterprise of China Garment Industry”. Its business performance, “the return on sales”, ranked second among the top 100 garment enterprises in China. In the future, Anzheng Fashion Group will keep working hard, under the guidance of Mr. Zheng Anzheng, at developing the Group into a “leading fashion industrial group that creates a high-quality remarkable lifestyle”.

The election of Anzheng Fashion Group’s president as the vice-president of the 6th council of China National Garment Association was not only an honor, but also a sense of responsibility. We will take this as a rare opportunity to communicate more with excellent players of the same trade about their successful experience and work together to create a better future for the garment industry in China.