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    本次大赛以 “U+设计风尚季,探秘衣Q女王进化论”为主题,分别从少淑、中淑和创意女装三个方向进行演绎,整场赛事被演化成一场由女孩到女王的时尚真人秀。《周末画报》全国城市版主编李孟夏,北京服装学院教授邹游,时尚买手、文化艺术顾问江山等业内资深人士作为大赛的嘉宾评委。



Umisky 8th Fashion Show Competition was grandly held in Shenzhen on October 13th. This competition has invited a wide variety of excellent fashion brands to participate in the evaluation. With the supreme performance of 2014 spring-summer collections, JZ won the champion of this competition.

Focusing on the theme of “U+ design style, exploration into Q queen’s evolution”, this competition presented a remarkable fashion show about how a girl transforms into a mature woman from three aspects, which are young lady, medium-aged lady, and creative lady wear. Li Mengxia, chief editor of Chinese cities column of Modern Weekly, Zou You, professor at Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, and Ji Shang, fashion buyer and culture and art consultant, as well as many other senior industry players were invited as honorary guests and judges.

JZ 2014 spring-summer series, supported by Umisky’s fantastic T-stage, unveiled its stunning performance. Through use of bright colors and exquisite patterns, designers created neat and well-organized silhouette as well as surprising elegance. What was more worth mentioning was that JZ stood out of the competition, won the champion, and received boundless recognition and approval from the specialists and audiences at the site.

Varying with three styles-urban style, holiday leisure, and classic elegance-JZ enriched visual rhythm, achieved perfect harmony between women’s graceful body shape and their strong belief, brought a wonderland for the inner soul, and fully explained JZ’s brand concept of “inner elegance, joy, and calmness”.