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关爱女员工 工会在行动




TradeUnion Showing Love and Care to Female Employees

In March, the grassesare tall and the nightingales are flying in the air under the warmth of thisfabulous season. In this new century, independent and self-reliant women propup half of the sky. In order to increase women’s awareness of the importance ofhealth and ensure “early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment”, AnzhengFashion Group organized the employees of the production center to have amedical examination jointly with Trade Union of Haining Development Zone beforeWomen’s Day (March 8).

The Company publicizedthe blood donation activity through Real Time Exchange and broadcasting to makemore employees know about the activity. Employees signed up for donating bloodone after another, so the number of participants far exceeded the estimatednumber. The doctors examined each female participant carefully and asked abouttheir physical conditions and past medical history in details. Moreover, thedoctors also explained the examination result as might be necessary. Manyemployees said they were usually too busy to have a medical examination, and itwas really considerate for the Company to conduct the blood donation activity,because in this way they might know about their health conditions.

The chairman of TradeUnion of Anzheng Fashion Group said female employees had made a greatcontribution to the development of the Company, but they needed to payattention to their physical health though they were always busy with work. Freemedical examination is one of the ways of the Trade Union to show love and careto employees. There will be similar activities in the future.