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Follow the movie to have fun!

On June 28, 2015, the second moviegoingactivity for employees of Anzheng Fashion Group was held in Haining HengdianFilm City as scheduled. The activity was sponsored by the Labor Union ofAnzheng Fashion Group and organized by the enterprise culture departmentbetween June 28 and July 5. Over 1400 employees of Anzheng Fashion Group fromHaining Supply Chain Center participated in the activity.

5 halls were booked on that day, and there were10 rounds. More than 1100 employees watched two well-chosen movies. One is Jurassic Park, the classic 3D Hollywoodfilm; the other is Hollywood Adventures,a domestic relaxing comedy. It was in the summer vocation, so many employeeswatched a movie in the cinema together with their children, enjoying relaxedand pleasant parent-child time.

We also organized rich moviegoing activities on the online publicizingplatform. Each employee may get the relevant WeChat link for moviegoingactivities by just following the public account “Anzheng Homeland ”. They may win free movie tickets if theyparticipate in the WeChat interaction. We wish more employees of AnzhengFashion Group may enjoy the welfare and joy of watching movies in summer.

Afterword: We would have a video showing the famous brands played 5minutes before a movie began at the cinema each year. Every piece of clothingin the video is made by the employees who can speak on the brand, style anddetails of each piece of clothing appearing on the screen with greatfamiliarity. The eyes of each person are beaming with pride. We believe suchpride and sense of responsibility is given by the Company and the brand. Let’slook forward to the wonderful moviegoing activities next year!